Top Indian Gaming YouTubers


Posted on 15 October 2016

This timeline presents the value of the Indian gaming industry from 2007 to 2015 and provides a projection of the value until 2020. In 2012, the value of the Indian gaming industry amounted to 15.3 billion Indian rupees. The projected compound annual growth rate is 13.9 percent for this industry. source

Top indian gaming youtubers

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By seeing  the above stats we can imagine how much rapidly the Indian game industry is growing, gaming in India is increasing like a plague and we have decided to list all those people who have taken the responsibilities to take this up.

In this article, we will list the top Indian gaming YouTubers that you guys must watch.

  • HemanT_T


HemanT_T is the most successful Indian gaming YouTuber having about 6000+ subscribers and  about 1000+ videos, the channel features latest gaming walkthroughs, QnA's , Vlogs and much more, HemanT_T is the only Indian gaming Channel which features the latest gaming walkthroughs of the most anticipated games. subscribe HemanT_T

  • Goldy Hindi Gaming

Goldy Hindi Gaming

This channel features all the gaming walkthroughs in Hindi  having about 3000+ subscribers and 400+ videos, the best thing about this channel is the unique Hindi commentary in gaming walkthroughs. Subscribe Goldy Hindi Gaming

  • Gaming Central

Gaming Central is Delhi based company and your one stop for all the latest gaming reviews, articles, news, updates, gaming hardware(there is a long list I guess wink). These guys  are working very hard to raise the level of Indian gaming. Follow their YouTube channel Gaming Central

  • Games and Gamers Mania


Games and Gamers Mania is a great channel for gamers the channel have gameplay walkthroughs of some of the most famous games,  Vlogs and videos of GGM collaboration with HemanT_T, the channel has about 1000+ subscribers. Subscribe GGM

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