Top 5 Web Development Books For Beginners


Posted on 07 May 2017

Want to start your Career in the Web Development field then don't worry we will tell you from where to Kick OFF!. In this tutorial, we are listing out the top Books(yeah, books because they are human's most trustworthy friends) which you can read to start learning the Web Development from scratch. So let's see the list.

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1. PHP Solutions By David Powers

This is the best book if you want to start learning PHP, the book covers the basics concepts of PHP and MySQL along with the real world applications of PHP, In this book, you can find out some of the best  PHP and MySQL recipes for building a dynamic website such as file uploading, building a simple image gallery, basics concepts of Content Managment System etc.

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 2. A Beginner's Guide - JavaScript By John Pollock

If you have no knowledge of programming or JavaScript then this book is for you, this book teaches you concepts of JavaScript from scratch covering some most important topics such as data types, loops, conditional statements, JavaScript objects etc

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3. Head First HTML and CSS

Head firstHTML and CSS takes you from beginner to advance level in HTML and CSS, the book is very interactive and you will never get bored of it while reading, the book contains a lot of exercises to sharpen your HTML and CSS skills.

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4. Beginning AJAX with PHP by Lee Gabin

This book is a must if you know JavaScript, AJAX is a technology which is carrying fire in today's modern world, AJAX is a technology for building Modern Day Web Applications and you must know it if you want to grow in the field of Web Development. This book contains recipes to build complex web applications using AJAX along with PHP.

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5. Database Systems Concepts Paperback By Henry F. Korth 

For Building Dynamic Web Applications you must have a good understanding of database concepts, this book covers everything from beginners to advance about the database. This book also covers most sensitive topics such as relations, database design, advanced querying etc. 

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Thank you for reading.

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