Steganography Tutorial-Art of Hiding Data into Images

Steganography is a technique by which we can hide information by embedding the data into other data objects, or simply we hide our data inside images, audio files etc.

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How to Secure your Website from Hackers like a Pro

Hackers from around the world are in a war and trying to dismantle other country’s system by hacking their websites. Maybe the day is not far when they will access your precious website.So you need to be prepared with all your gear to fight them.

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5 Best Google Chrome Proxy Extensions to Change Your Internet Experience

Chrome has been my browser of choice for years now. If you've never tried Chrome, it's fast, sleek, and searching on the Omni bar is so easy that once you go Chrome, you'll never go home (or roam). Here are the best Google Chrome proxy extensions; the ones that will change the way you browse the internet.

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