Top 5 Web Development Books For Beginners

Want to start your Career in the Web Development field then don't worry we will tell you from where to Kick OFF!. In this tutorial, we are listing out the top Books(yeah, books because they are human's most trustworthy friends) which you can read to start learning the Web Development from scratch. So let's see the list.

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Guest Book Application using PHP, MySQL and AJAX

Guest Book Application is a good way to know the opinion of your Website viewers as they can share their reviews on your blog or website so in this tutorial, we are going to build a Simple Guest Book Application using PHP and MySQL and with a little bit touch of AJAX so let's get Started.

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Simple AJAX based Navigation System

AJAX is catching up the fire in today's world because of its ability to provide versatility and speed to modern world's web application, In this article, we are going to build an AJAX-based navigation system but before that we are going to look at some basic terms which we are going to use in our code.

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