Simple AJAX based Navigation System

AJAX is catching up the fire in today's world because of its ability to provide versatility and speed to modern world's web application, In this article, we are going to build an AJAX-based navigation system but before that we are going to look at some basic terms which we are going to use in our code.

RGB to Hex Conversion and Hex to RGB Conversion in python

In CSS we use three ways to specify the color in the color property, first one using the name second using the hex values and third using the rgb values, now what basically these rgb and hex values are, let's see.

C program to Implement Booth's Algorithm-Booth's Algorithm in C

Booth's Algorithm is a multiplication algorithm that multiplies two signed binary numbers in two's complement notation. The algorithm was invented by Andrew Donald Booth in 1950 while doing research on crystallography at Birkbeck College in Bloomsbury, London.

Conditional Statements in JavaScript-JavaScript tutorials for beginners

Conditional Statements enable you to make use of the mathematical, comparison and logical operators because they enable you to specify in your code that an action should occur only when a condition is met(conditional statements).

Steganography Tutorial-Art of Hiding Data into Images

Steganography is a technique by which we can hide information by embedding the data into other data objects, or simply we hide our data inside images, audio files etc.

JavaScript Operators-JavaScript tutorials for beginners

An operator is a symbol which performs some sort of mathematical, logical or assignment operations. In some cases operator helps in shorten the code(we will see it in this chapter).

Variables in JavaScript-JavaScript tutorials for beginners

In this tutorial we will learn how to deal with Variables in JavaScript, A variable represents or holds a value, value of a variable can be changed at any time.